TK-8TH Behavior Expectations

Students at Jesus Life School of Ministry are expected to conduct themselves according to the highest Christian standards of honesty, integrity, responsibility and love toward others. 

Students Will…

Jesus Life School of Ministry is a safe place where students have the opportunity to make daily choices in an environment of love, trust and gentleness, where learning is fun.  We believe that students need to be free to make decisions and manage themselves to ensure the development of a true heart-to-heart connection with God and with others.  

When a child makes a poor choice, godly confrontation is utilized to bring to light the choice they made and the effect it had on those around them.  Kingdom confrontation is a loving effort that addresses the heart of the child, not just their behavior. Confrontation and consequences empower the child to be responsible for their choices, thus allowing them to build covenant relationships. 

We honor students by giving them opportunities to make choices thus, empowering them to live the Jesus life.